The Fair Trade certification by ECOCERT: ESR

ESR is a label which means Solidarity and Fair Head. Issued by ECOCERT, this certificate values products from organic farming and fair trade and provides help for small producers to build a safer partnership.
Each year a thorough audit is carried out at the site of production and processing throughout the chain. 

The label guarantees:
-Ethics: insurance for producers to sell at a guaranteed minimum price for workers to receive a living wage
- Social: dignified working conditions, collective organisation and the establishment of a development fund for producer communities
- Health and environment-friendly organic production of natural resources and respect for the health of producers and workers
- Development: The approach involves a lasting partnership with buyers and empowers producers
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Valuing this label, Melvita has initiated an economic and social support of its producers program. Discover here our first organic and fair trade sectors:
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