The Hummingbird's share


This fable, which we like to believe is set in the woodlands throughout the Ardèche, helps us to remember that we are all connected and encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and choices.

One day, there was a great fire that tore through the forest. All the animals who lived in the beautiful woodland started running from the flames feeling stunned and terrified, and powerless to act. In the face of impending disaster only the little hummingbird buzzed back and forth fetching a few drops of water in his beak to throw on the fire.

After a time, the armadillo, irritated by these feeble attempts, bellowed “Hummingbird! Are you mad? Do you think that you’re going to put the fire out with a few drops of water?”

“I know I might not be able to extinguish the whole fire”, replied the hummingbird, “but I’m doing my bit”.

An Amerindian tale told by Pierre Rabhi in "L’humanité face à son devenir".