Nectar de Miels

Discover our new range for dry and sensitive skin!

Our 3 skincare products offer targeted treatment for all dry and sensitive skin.  

Thank to a rich formula composed with Thyme Honey and our 3-honey-complex

(thyme, orange blossom and acacia) your skin is protected, repaired and revitalised.

Enriched with organic thyme honey, this milk gently removes make-up, cleanses the skin and provides an instant soothing effect. Skin feels clean and soft, cocooned in comfort.

Thyme honey is clinically proven to be effective on the skin: it helps to repair and intensely nourish. Enriched with organic thyme honey, this melt-in balm acts on 5 signs of dry to very dry skin, enveloping it in a delicious, nourishing cocoon.

Thyme honey is clinically proven to be effective on the skin: it helps to repair and intensely soothe. Enriched with thyme honey, this silky smooth, non-oily cream acts on 5 signs of dry skin, immediately enveloping it in a cocoon of comfort.

More about Thyme Honey

Traditionally, thyme is known for its antiseptic properties. Medical research has shown that thyme honey has powerful benefits:  

• A high concentration of polyphenols, whose anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action soothes damaged tissues.

• A high concentration of proline, an amino acid that helps to stimulate collagen renewal. Tissues heal better and faster.

• A high concentration of glucose which traps moisture and accelerates cell renewal.

• A high concentration of minerals which helps to restore the skin's hydrolipidic film and hold in moisture.

Years of Research...

Melvita has always loved Honey. To ensure that honeys are of the very best quality, it conducts numerous studies to analyse them - and this has included fifteen studies on thyme honey. Melvita uses an organic thyme honey in its formulas. 

« in our experiments, thyme honey proved to have healing properties and powerful antiseptic properties. The skin heals twice as fast with thyme honey as it does with a gauze bandage.»

Professor B. Descottes, head of visceral surgery and transplantation at the Limoges University hospital.

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