We all have different skin needs and conditions – giving us all slightly different starting points when looking for skincare. At Melvita we believe that the right organic skincare routine can support the skin to look radiant and smooth no matter where your skin starts you from…

How many of us actually spend time looking at our skin – real time – not just a fleeting glance in the mirror on the way out of the door! Observe your skin to identify its needs.

Start with 5 easy points:

Hydration – identify how hydrated your skin is by simply gently pinching the skin on the cheekbone and observing how quickly it ‘pings’ back. Does your skin look plump or can you see fine line?

Pores – become acquainted with your pores! How visible are they? People with drier skins tend to have fine pores whilst oily skins will usually display more open pores. Are they congested? Do they appear more concentrated in certain areas?

Oil Levels – oil and hydration are two different things. Oil levels will tell us about how lubricated the skin is and so most Dry Skin products are formulated to replace both Oil and Water, whilst Oily skin products concentrate on controlling sebum production. Notice if you have any oiliness in particular areas concentrating on the T-zone and chin.

Redness & Pigmentation – this can be the hardest skin feature to identify but crucially is most subject to change as the skin reacts to extrinsic factors. Try to identify if there is any skin redness – is the skin inflamed at all, or is there any sensitivity? Pigmentation is usually linked to sun exposure – can you identify any uneven pigmentation in the skin particularly around the most exposed areas like the cheekbones or the forehead?

Elasticity & Smoothness – observe the overall firmness of the skin – is your skin youthful and radiant with tautness over the features? Concentrate on the forehead and the area around the eyes – do you have many expression lines? Does your skin feel plump and smooth or creepy and dull?

Use these observations to inform your beauty routine – forming the basis for your product selection. Each stage of your skin routine should support you meeting your end goal, be it hydration, oil-control, fine lines and wrinkles or radiance.