Choosing your moisturiser is the most important skincare decision as it is your moisturiser that is going to soak into your skin and remain there all day. Creams are a mixture of oil and water along with other active plant ingredients to provide more targeted benefits.

Dry or Mature skins need creams rich in plant oils. Plant oils are really food for the skin, providing essential fatty acids and vitamins that are invaluable to good skin condition. These nutrients will also up the lipid count of the skin (the molecules that bind together water and oil) and therefore help the skin to feel more moisturised for longer. Mature skins will also benefit from targeted anti-ageing ingredients that will support the collagen and elastin structure within the skin, boosting firmness. Look out for ingredients like Rhizobian Gum which provides a natural firming effect to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Normal or Sensitive Skins need hydration and anti-inflammatory ingredients. As creams are a combination of oil and water people with these skin types need to look out for creams with higher water content and humectant ingredients (like hyaluronic acid or glycerin) that help lock water into the skin. Anti-inflammatory ingredients will help protect the skin against environmental aggressors preventing damage.

Oily Skins need balance and oil regulation through light moisturisation. Oily skin still needs a light cream to provide nutrients and hydration and to maintain skin balance. Most oily skin suffers as people strip away oil and avoid moisturisers. Using a light daily lotion will help oily skin achieve balance. Look for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to tackle excess oil and sebum production.