On the whole a ‘treatment’ should be a part of your regular beauty routine – once or twice a week spending longer on your skin to give it thorough exfoliation and nourishment will help with cell-turnover and radiance. Sometimes you might also want to create that ‘at home’ facial experience too – both to enjoy the art of pampering oneself but also to reap the benefits for your skin. No matter what type of result you are looking for here are the product types everyone should have on their bathroom shelf:

Exfoliators – exfoliation is akin to radiance. Exfoliators work to remove the dead surface skin cells through gentle buffing with natural particles or natural brightening with active ingredients. Skin should not be exfoliated more than 2-3 times per week.

Facial Masks – Facial masks on the whole work in 2 ways – either intensely hydrating the skin with oil and water moisture or purifying the skin with concentrated cleansers and detoxifying clays. Choose your mask according to your skin condition and apply an even layer to the skin 1-2 a week. Leave the mask on for 5-10mins and rinse with warm water, or pat excess off with a tissue depending on the individual directions. Facial Masks should not leave the skin feeling tight and dry so it’s often important to test the mask on a patch of skin first.

Eye Care – supporting the delicate skin around the eye area is vital to reduce the appearance of fine lines and the signs of fatigue on-going. The fine skin texture around the eye compared to other areas of the face mean that this is often the area to show the signs of ageing first – plus any fine lines caused by dehydration – so it’s important to support this area with natural skin hydrators and anti-ageing ingredients. Most eye products also target eye bags by diffusing dark circles with an anti-inflammatory effect. Simply lightly pat a small amount of Eye Contour Care onto the orbital bone (the bone that forms your eye-socket) and with the gentle organic Melvita formulation onto the eye lid itself.

Facial Oils – Plant oils provide useful nourishment for all skin types as they are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Plant oils can be blended with moisturisers or treatments to provide a boost when skin is particularly dry or can be massaged in to provide pure nourishment for the skin.If you are using for massage always apply a few drops to clean skin and massage with gentle even pressure in circular, upward motions. A facial oil should be chosen based on the properties of the individual plant oil or blend – as they all contain a different arrangement of nutrients for different skin conditions. In addition our Melvita blended Facial Oils contain fragrant essential oils to boost their skin conditioning properties and calm the emotions.