Melvita products are formulated by our Research, Development and Quality teams based in our Eco-Factory in the Ardeche.
Our technical team is responsible for product efficacy and quality, and for carrying out research to investigate of-the-moment beauty trends and ingredients. The Melvita team carries out a long and demanding series of clinical and consumer tests before any product comes to market. All in all, our research and development work takes up to two years before a Melvita product reaches the production stage.

Preservative Systems

One of the biggest challenges facing formulators working organically is the stability of any formulation. Organic products need to have a reasonable shelf life in order to be legitimate alternatives to traditional synthetic beauty products. On the whole Melvita products last for 6 months after opening – and all have their shelf life marked on the packaging. Melvita products do not contain traditional chemical preservatives and so our technical team checks the anti-microbial activity of any product throughout the development process to ensure the product will be stable throughout its advertised shelf life.
In addition the technical team runs ‘challenge tests’ to demonstrate the potential efficiency of the preservative system in any product. The test involves artificially contaminating the product. The preservative system is then monitored to see how it performs against the microbial populations. The test is so demanding that in order to pass, the preservative system must have totally eradicated the microbes after 28 days.

Efficacy Data

Melvita products are designed to perform on the skin – delivering noticeable results. Our technical and research teams investigate new ingredients and pioneering formulations to deliver maximum results for the skin.
We clinically test our products for efficacy with an independent laboratory on control groups. The laboratory would test for product performance based on a series of criteria set according to the product type or action.

For example, our Anti-Ageing Regenerating Serum:

Proven effectiveness:
Usage test carried out under dermatological control by an independent laboratory on 22 volunteers.
The skin is supple and comfortable: 100%*
Lines are smoothed over: 96%*
A tensing effect is felt: 86%*
The skin is moisturised: 91%*
*level of satisfaction.